Why Being ASE Certified Is Important

Why Being ASE Certified Is Important

Industry Standards Have Risen Over The Years And Technicians Have More Training Than Ever

All automotive technicians should receive certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. ASE certification is an indicator that an individual is qualified to work on every component and system inside a vehicle, whether it is electrical or mechanical. You deserve the reassurance that the person performing auto repair knows what he or she is doing. You will receive the following benefits when you hire someone who is ASE certified.

Experience in the Industry

There are specific requirements a mechanic must pass to apply for the certification. The person must have at least two years of experience in automotive repair, and the mechanic has to pass an in-depth examination. Additionally, a mechanic can choose whether he or she wants a specific type of certification, and specialties include suspension, HVAC, and brakes.

Avoid Damaging Anything Else

There are plenty of auto shops around Edgewater Park, New Jersey. Some may be cheaper than others, but you want to take those places with a grain of salt. The mechanics may not fully know what they are doing, and they will further damage your vehicle. An ASE certified mechanic knows how to navigate around a car entirely, so no additional repairs will be necessary afterward.

Best Automotive Education Available

An auto shop with the ASE certification displayed in the window has at least one mechanic who passed the test. You have a right to ask for this mechanic and make sure the best person around works on your vehicle. You will know your car is in good hands, and it will receive the best care possible. Once you find a mechanic you trust, it is wise to stick with a single mechanic. They will remember your vehicle and may even have notes on previous repairs and potential future maintenance.

ASE certification is just the beginning of the benefits when you take your car to G&M Auto Service in Edgewater Park. We also provide our customers with free shuttle service and a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty. Contact us today to see why so many motorists in the area trust us with their cars.

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