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Did you know that your vehicle came with specific instructions for its maintenance? Your manufacturer created a schedule of services to protect the vehicle’s optimal performance. If you check the owner’s manual now, you’ll see wheel alignment somewhere on that schedule. G&M Auto Service in Edgewater Park, New Jersey performs wheel alignment service for all makes and models. Our ASE Certified technicians follow factory recommendations and specifications to ensure your car can run its best before leaving our shop! Wheel alignment has seemingly endless benefits for your vehicle. It protects engine performance, efficiency, handling, and more! If you want to help your car run well after 100,000 miles, you won’t want to skip this essential service! Our team has helped hundreds of drivers make the most of their vehicles. We can help you too!

How it Helps

Your car is under constant wear. Even short, daily trips around town can slowly degrade its systems, including the suspension. Wheel alignment service corrects the minor slips in the suspension system that might occur over time to restore proper vehicle geometry. It’s normal for wheels to fall out of alignment over time or after impact with a pothole or curb. Timely service ensures you don’t spend too much time driving your car while it’s not aligned perfectly. Imagine pushing a shopping cart with a broken wheel. That’s what it’s like to drive with poor alignment! Doing so can cause problems with engine strain, fuel efficiency, tire wear, and more. Correcting the wheels’ positions protects optimal engine power, efficiency, and longevity. It also helps you get the most out of each component by ensuring no single part is bearing more strain than it should. Our professionals reset the wheels to the manufacturer’s specifications to protect your vehicle!

Schedule Service

Is your vehicle due for a wheel alignment? Find out by checking our owner’s manual or visiting the experts at G&M Auto Service for a quick inspection. We use advanced technology to measure and adjust wheel alignment accurately, so the service shouldn’t take too much time from your day. If you have other places to be during your car’s service, that’s okay! We offer free shuttle service to help our customers get around Edgewater Park and the surrounding areas. We also offer after-hours drop-off and pick-up for your added convenience. We prioritize quality and convenience with every service — it’s one of the reasons why we were voted “Best of Burlington County” five years in a row! Schedule your wheel alignment online or by phone at 609-835-4046. You can also stop by our awarded facility at 1636 Bridgeboro Road near Wawa for prompt service. We look forward to seeing you soon!